Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meal Planning

Well, we seem to have another one of those weeks that I find overwhelming by just looking at the calendar. I am thankful that I have implemented weekly meal planning for 2010. Last week, I didn't do so well, but I feel better about it this week. Most of my cooking this week will consist of thawing and cooking or reheating. This week is a little different in that we have two sitters this week due to meetings, so I am using the freezer more this week than usual. Each Saturday or Sunday I sit down and look at what we have each night, and what I can cook. Most weekends I cook one or two meals ahead of time. This really helps me keep my weekly sanity, and allows me to enjoy the process. My meals are not complicated, if they were too fussy the girls wouldn't eat them. I vowed long ago not to cook separately for the girls. So, here is what on the menu for the week in the Gordon house.

Make Ahead for the week: (Sunday cooking this week) Quiche (2), spaghetti sauce (3), Granola for breakfasts and snacks (should last two weeks)

Saturday night: Cranberry Chicken (from freezer)

Sunday night: Quiche (made two- one for freezer)

Meatless Monday night: Cabbage Soup (from freezer)- reheated in Crockpot

Tuesday night: Spaghetti (made three- put two in freezer)

Wednesday night: Church dinner (healthy meal that I don't have to cook :) )

Thursday night: Meatloaf (from freezer)- in Crockpot

Friday night: Lemon Chicken with Barley (recipe coming soon)

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