Monday, February 15, 2010

Great New Products

I have used some new products in the last few weeks that I really love. I thought I would share them here.

  • Monterey Mushrooms These mushrooms are chopped and cleaned and in a resealable bag. I have used them with no waste. They kept for over two weeks- may have kept longer, but I used them up in two weeks. I found them at the local Kroger store. I found I put them into recipes easier than if I had to prepare them.

  • Not Chick'n Bouillon I was to told about this product from a friend that is vegetarian. I was having trouble seasoning foods without meat. This has greatly helped. I keep it on the shelf with my chicken bouillon. There is also the No Beef Bouillon.

  • Birdeye Steamfresh I have never been a fan of frozen vegetables, even knowing how much healthier they are than the canned vegetables. So, I was shocked when I tried these and the whole family liked them. My oldest who has never liked corn, is eating it without any hesitation. We have also tried the sweet peas, asparagus, and the broccoli. This is quickly becoming a staple food item. It also does not hurt that the bag cooks in five minutes in the microwave! Here is a link for a coupon from the Birdseye Website.

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