Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baking Essentials

Well, being cooped up for a few days while it sleet and snows allows one to do things one normally doesn't do... like clean and organize cabinets. So, I am now restocked for any baking needs I may have. Here is what I found I need for almost any dessert. If I keep this stuff around, I can bake and take for almost any occasion. It also saves me money in the long rum when I only have to pick up a couple of things for before a project. Is there anything I missed?

• sugar
• flour
• brown sugar
• vegetable oil
• vanilla
• confectioners sugar (powdered)
• baking soda
• baking powder
• cocoa
• chocolate chips
• yeast
• Crisco
• Cinnamon
• food coloring
• cake mixes
• boxes of jello
• boxes of pudding
• frosting tubs
• cool whip
• eggs

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