Sunday, January 3, 2010

Taco Supper- $10.00 Meal

Everyone needs a break from heavy cooking once a week, or more, so this one fits the bill for that need. We had a simple Mexican meal that everyone enjoyed this week. To keep with the 10.00 budget I had to make some choices, but everyone had plenty. I found the most economical route was to buy a taco kit to get started. Follow the directions and add what is needed-

1 Hard Taco Kit with seasoning and salsa ($2.19)
1 lbs ground chuck ($2.07)
1 head of lettuce ($1.10)
4 tomatoes ($1.12)
1 bag of shredded cheese ($2.00)
1 can of refried beans (1.59) or 1 bag of Spanish rice (1.00)

Assemble as directed on the box for the tacos. Add chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, and cheese in bowls. Heat beans with a bit of salsa stirred in. Once everything is ready, serve hot.

TOTAL: $10.07 (with beans) or $9.48 (with rice)

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