Sunday, December 14, 2008

Potluck Meal

I am in a book club with a wonderful group of ladies. Once a month we get together to discuss a book and share wonderful food. This month we had our annual Christmas party. I hosted this time and attached are a couple of pictures of the tables. We had a potluck meal that was wonderful. Some of us have shared our recipes from last week. You could make a wonderful spread with all, but each dish would be great make on its own! Thanks ladies for sharing your recipes with me. KelliAdd Image


Awesome Nacho Dip
Recipe by Becky Bagwell

2 blocks cream cheese
2 cans rotel
1 lb ground sausage (cooked)

Heat cream cheese until melted and warmed, add rotel and cooked sausage. Serve with tortillas. Done!

Spinach Dip
Recipe by Matty Ross

My spinach dip is easy as well. Drive to Catering to You hope that they have spinach dip and tortilla chips left. Bring a nice bowl to serve! Easy and delicious!
If you you want to make it yourself- here is an easy recipe:

Easy Spinach Dip (for real)

8 ounces cream cheese
1 cup sour cream1
10 ounce package frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
1 8 ounce can water chestnuts, drained and chopped
1 cup finely chopped red pepper
1 envelope ranch salad dressing mix

Beat cream cheese with electric mixer on medium speed, until smooth. Blend in sour cream. Add spinach, water chestnuts, red pepper and salad dressing mix. Mix until blended. Chill for about 2 hours to meld flavors together.

Cucumber Sandwiches
Recipe by Kaye Hoggard

Mix 8 oz. cream cheese with 1/2 package Italian dressing (dry)Spread on party rye bread (I used crackers)Score cucumber and slice it.Put slices on.Sprinkle dill on top.That's pretty simple.

Cheese and Sausage Plate
by Amy Lyn Jordan

And, I know you've all waited with baited breath for my recipe:
Drive to Kroger
Buy goat cheese, cubed cheese, and summer sausage
Serve on a platter


Vegetarian Bean Soup
Recipe by Kelli Gordon

1 bag of 15 bean soup
8 cups of vegetable stock
1 cup of each cooked down: carrots, onion, and celery
(I love using Recipe Beginnings at Kroger- they have all of the chopping done for you- it is in the frozen food section)
1 large can of tomatoes

Soak beans according to the directions on the package. Sauté carrots, onion in and celery in your soup pot (or cook until soft in with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil). Add vegetable stock, tomatoes, and beans. Cook down until beans are soft (about hour and a half). Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with bread or crackers.


Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Recipes by Netta Schultheis

1 package almond bark
1 package semi sweet chocolate chips
1 or 2 cans Spanish peanuts (depends on how peanuty you want it)

Microwave almond bark and chocolate chips until melted, keep an eye on it melting it about 2 minute intervals, usually takes about 5 minutes. Add peanuts, drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper.

Matty Ross Asked: Hey! Could you use different kinds of nuts? Then your recipe turns into like 6 recipes! :D

Kelli Gordon Answered: Yes you can- I have now tried it with walnuts, almonds, dried apricots, and prezels!

Chocolate Crescents
Recipes by Netta Schultheis

1 can of Pillsbury crescent rolls
2 or 3 Hershey Chocolate Bars
Put three blocks of a Hershey chocolate bar in it, roll it up and bake as usual, kinda close up the sides after you roll it up so the chocolate doesn't come out. bake and cool a bit. drizzle with a powdered sugar glaze of butter, vanilla, little milk. mmmmmmmmmm


  1. We are one awesome book club! Thanks for opening up your house to us all; I'm already looking forward to next year!

  2. Your tables looked really great! I'm glad that your friends shared all of their party recipes. They sound so good!! Love, Tracie