Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stauffer Family Chaos

I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time in 2009. My mom seemed to enjoy handing it over. One thing my grandmother and mom both do is make a meal timeline. My sister, Tracie, the engineer, took great notes for us. I am posting ours from Thanksgiving. One thing I messed up with on Thanksgiving is having too many things to put in the oven. Next time I will do green beans on the stove to help out the oven a bit. So, let me warn you before you make the same mistake as I did.

So, here is our list to serve the meal at 1

Cranberry Relish- 9 am- (made from fresh cranberries)
Sweet Potatoes- 9:00 for 1 hour (took longer :o)
Corn- in the crockpot at 10:00
Dressing - 10:00 for 30 minutes (then into the microwave to keep warm)
Ham/ Glaze- 10:15- 135 minutes in the roaster (in laundry room)
Fried Turkey - oil on a 10:30- turkey in at 11:15 (all depends on the size of the turkey)
Twice baked potatoes 10:30 for 45 minutes (then into the warming drawer)
Baked Asparagus-10:30 for 45 minutes (then to warming drawer)
Green Bean Bundles- in at 12:00 for 20 minutes
Salad- Fresh greens with vinaigrette- tossed about 12
Rolls - in the oven at 12:30 for 10 minutes(set to rise at 11:00)

Pumpkin Pie- crust night before/ pies baked first thing in the morning
Chocolate Pie- night before

Cheese Ball/ Crackers/ Relish/ Celery/ Carrots

Set at 12

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