Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meal Planning for June 20- June 26

Okay- well, I totally fell apart with my meal planning the last three weeks. First of all, I had the last week of school. Then, the week of training after school. Finally, the first week of vacation. Each week I was burnt out of planning, and I found some new way to wing it. The meals were not as good, the freezer is empty (almost), and I felt like I was piecing things together the whole time. All in all. . . I did nothing to help me. :) So, today I am back in the grind. I feel better going in to the week with a plan. Yes, I am a a bit OCD. So, I am back on track. I have so many things to post; events, meals, parties, darn good recipes. Right now I will start with this week's planning and build from there.

Sunday Night: Grilled Steak with baked sweet potatoes, and grilled eggplant.

Monday Night: Chicken Spaghetti (freezer meal)*

Tuesday Night: Stuffed Bell Peppers

Wednesday Night: Old World Manicotti with Spinach*
While making the recipe I added 2 cups of frozen spinach to the cheese mixture.

Thursday Night: Church

Friday Night: Dinner out

Saturday Night: Anniversary Dinner Out (almost a month late)
*meal trade with a friend

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